Estrogen receptor ligand binding assay

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Conservation of estrogen receptor function in invertebrate reproduction

Wenfu Wu. Yifan Song. Ligang Hou. Tiezhu Li. Tianzhu Guan.

Breast Cancer

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Snell TW.

Kinetic analysis of estrogen receptor/ligand interactions

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Estrogen Receptor (ER) Binding Assays Using the CERI Human Recombinant ERα

We also thank Lelani Barry and Samantha Dean for their technical assistance. BLJ carried out rotifer culturing, genetic selection assays, homology modeling, completed the lifespan and reproductive assays and drafted the manuscript. CLW synthesized the fluorescent synthetic ligands and completed the docking simulations. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

Correspondence to Brande L. Conserved amino acids are green. Similar amino acids are cyan. Amino acids that directly interact with the estradiol ligand are boxed rotifer, red; human; blue. These amino acids are highly conserved as well. XLS kb. These compounds were chosen because previous work verified their binding to the human ER LBD in yeast chemical complementation assays.

These compounds fluoresce upon binding to their target [ 35 ]. Estradiol is the natural ligand for the human ER and does not fluoresce.