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Now, look at the sky. It's raining cats and dogs, we would be drenched soon! There is a building there! Lets grab a shelter there! We immediately dashed into the building.

My Proposal to Revitalize the Block of Abandoned Houses at 8-20 Oakmount Road

It was huge, five stories tall with a black roof. The building was eerie and empty. We checked out the ground floor. The walls were of grey stone, no two of the same size and shape, arranged somehow, one upon another so as to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. I had a strange kind of feeling that I could not express out.

The building seemed haunted.

There something about this place-something-" I said in fear. I knew the word, which I had been searching. The word was 'evil'. It's boring here! I led the way and the two so-called 'brave' guys followed me close behind, tugging my shirt along. The place was full of dust and it made the building more sinister and frightening. We walked across the dark hall and I felt a penetrating chill like something was waiting to appear around the corner. Disgusting little insects and rats scampered across us and made us felt retched. I was praying that the rain would stop and we could get out of here as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the rain continued unabated.

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Out of the blue, we heard somebody scream. Somewhere in one of the locked rooms, we gasped and squeezed each other's hands. We realised that we This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it!

Learn more. An Abandoned Building. Essay words - 4 pages. Loading: Checking Spelling. Read more. A research show that a serenity park will help reduce the tension and irritability our residents are experiencing and help to strengthen our sense of community. It is proposed that the abandoned building and property on the corner of Bedrock Street be purchased and renovated into a park where citizens can congregate and relax in the downtown area. The City Recreation Department will supervise the proposed program, with requested.

Human Engineering and Worker Performance Essay words - 7 pages abandoned for almost ten years. It was the perseverance of the electricians that made the difference in the end.

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They had such a high level of worker performance and motivation, that even though the hours were long and the conditions were rough, they pushed through and completed the renovation project in a little under a year. Sometimes they are even sitting on a valuable property. Renovating in Finnish: remontti an abandoned house might seem like a tricky business.

It involves so many variables and might be that it costs more to renovate a house than to tear it down and build a new one instead. A good advice on renovating an abandoned house is to get some good advice. Experts usually can evaluate whether it is worth to renovate or not. Sometimes the house might have other than monetary value in which case the renovation should be done anyways. For renovation you can get good advice from Rautia.

My parents warned me never to wander onto the Weidel property. There was a well with a loose-fitting cover, among other dangers. As if I would fall into a well!

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I smiled to think how little my parents knew me. How little anyone knew me. Have I said that my father never struck his children, as Mr. Weidel struck his? And did worse things to them, to the girls sometimes, it was whispered. Yes, and Mrs. County social workers came around to question neighbors, and spread the story of what they learned along the way.

In fact, I may have been disciplined, spanked, a few times.

Abandoned House Sends Me RUNNING Scared

I remember Mr. Weidel urinating once at the roadside.

But they laughed, saying Mr. Weidel had been too drunk, or too careless, to have done an adequate job of sprinkling kerosene through the downstairs of the house.

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Only part of the house had burned, a wall of the kitchen and an adjoining woodshed. Had Mr. Weidel wanted to burn his family alive in their beds? But Mr. Weidel was indicted on several counts of attempted murder, along with other charges. For so many years the Weidel house remained standing. There was something defiant about it, like someone who has been mortally wounded but will not die.

In the weedy front yard, Mrs. Brambles grew everywhere. I forced myself to taste a small bitter red berry but spat it out, it made my mouth pucker so. The downstairs windows were carelessly boarded over, and both the front and rear doors were unlocked, collapsing on their hinges. Broken glass underfoot and a sickish stench of burn, mildew, decay.

There were broken Christmas-tree ornaments, a naked pink plastic doll. Toppled bedsprings, filthy mattresses streaked with yellow and rust-colored stains. The most terrible punishment, I thought, would be to be forced to lie down on such a mattress. I thought of Mrs. Weidel, her swollen, blackened eyes, her bruised face. But no charges filed. The social worker told my mother how Mrs.

The law had no right to interfere.