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A woman like that is not ashamed to die. Perhaps she is characterizing the ways in which this kind of woman deals with hurtful emotions through becoming vengeful and bitter, typifying characteristics one would associate with a scheming witch. The second stanza explores the nurturing mother that can come out of womanhood, and the language reflects this.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. All Rights Reserved. Anne Sexton Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading For example, she feels she has been burned at the stake because society's "flames still bite my thigh" Line The speaker's "ribs crack where your wheels wind" Line 19 on another torture device, the wheel. The words "still" in the phrase "still bite" Line 18 stresses that tortures have not gone out of style but have merely changed shape, and society still employs them to resist the change in power towards women.

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Although the physical tortures are no longer obvious in America, women's success is still lagging because of the attitude of society. The public supposes that she is "not ashamed to die" Line 20 because everyone already thinks that she is crazy, and she cannot harm her reputation anymore anyway.

She is an evil witch and ought to die out. Overall, the three stanzas can represent the negative stereotype society has placed on the modern woman.

Her Kind by Anne Sexton by Tim Michuda on Prezi

However, the poem does not end with the speaker completely agreeing with the voice of society. Since the speaker presents the poem from the first person point of view, the reader may see inside of the speaker's head to realize the impact of the poem's true meaning. If the poem were given in third person, society's voice could still be presented, but the complex dimensions of the witch persona would be lost without the second voice of the personal speaker.

Since the speaker uses first person, she can examine the voice of society and then give her own views. She does this in all three verses. The second voice, the personal voice of the speaker, is revealed in the last two lines of each stanza. The phrase "A woman like that is not a woman, quite. I have been her kind" Lines 6 - 7 can be seen as a sigh of relief that the modern woman is refreshingly new and can finally be herself. The speaker identifies herself as a modern woman with "I" usage and admits to being a witch in society.

At the same time, she tells society to accept her as a witch. When she says, "A woman like that is misunderstood" Line 13 , she cries out that society does not see how important she is and that she should not be viewed negatively. She is "misunderstood" because independence is actually a positive step for women.

"Her Kind" read by Anne Sexton

Finally, the speaker's personal view becomes astonishingly clear in the last stanza. In other words, she will not give up; rather, she will survive being an outcast in the public's mind and will struggle to exist in the community.

Her Kind Analysis

Since the speaker has "been her kind" Line 21 , she is not afraid to die for her cause. The modern woman will not go away quietly. Her crusade, or "hitch" Line 3 , will continue "over the plain houses, light by light" Line 4. She will not become tamed and will try to change the stereotype of modern women into a positive goal.

Whereas society sees the witch as a negative image, the speaker views the witch as a positive achievement. On one hand, the speaker mimics the public's views of the modern woman by comparing her to a witch, "haunting the black air" Line 2. She sounds afraid that she is outcast and unaccepted. The public will persecute her and hinder her representation in society. But, on the other hand, her determination as a "survivor, " and the double meanings of each stanza's end show that the speaker's real view of the witch contrasts sharply with society's view.

Confessional Poetry Essay

Basically, the speaker says, yes, modern women are different from what society expects. But to be different is not necessarily evil. Instead, a "witch" is a positive idea because women will finally step out into the world and make changes occur. The speaker promotes the acceptance of "witches" in society and encourages women to step out and be different. Throughout Anne Sexton's poem, the public's voice duels with the speaker's personal voice until the speaker's opinion emerges successful and determined to survive in the end.

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Instead of supporting that witches are evil, Anne Sexton's poem reveals that witches are wonderful. The poem's speaker welcomes the stereotype of the witch and uses dueling voices to show that the stereotype is actually a positive, strong image for the modern woman and that it does not serve the deteriorating, degrading purpose society meant for it to have. Society must accept change and stop casting out women if it is to live in peace.

The public fights a losing battle; in the end, the modern woman will triumph. Only then will outcasts such as Anne Sexton be accepted for who they truly are, and the modem woman, or "witch", will be rewarded for her determination at last. Stay with EssayChief! Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password.

Anne Sexton

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